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Here is the SECOND teaser of Spring Update 2017:

        First Teaser

Two new Boss Battles:
        Fight two powerful bosses. One on Doratia and one on Ephialtis to show your skills and acquire valuable loot.

Missing parts of the Elder/Ancient Armour Set:
        Get the missing pieces of this high level armour sets and find a way to enhance their properties.

Guild Tournament:
        Your guild is the best? Prove it with the upcoming new feature of the guild tournament.

GM Post: Official Post
        Second Teaser

A new level 90+ Boss Battle on Doratia:
        On Doratia an ancient evil is on the rise. Can you stop the Cult of the Everdragon and disrupt the ritual of summoning before it is to late?
        Battle this challenging new boss to acquire the remaining parts of the elder/ancient armour set that protects your character against all damage types.

A new level 100+ Boss Battle on Ephialtis:
        Return to Ephialtis and face this new exciting boss battle against a creature called Amorpheon. Will you find a way to against an enemy that is ever changing?
        Best this battle and you will be able to improve the elder/ancient armour set and the reaper of worlds/apocalypse weapon.

Armour Set completed:
        Complete your high level elder/ancient armour set and improve it. All you have to do is to best the new challenging boss battles

Guild Tournament:
        Always wanted to know which guild on your world is the best. Now you can find it out. Sail to the island of Castle Rock and participate in the monthly guild tournament.
        Make your way through the outer areas of the castle while fighting enemy guilds and monsters, to reach the appointed positions.
        Hold these positions until you are brought before the lord of the castle. Beat him as fast as you can to secure an ep bonus for the complete guild lasting for several days.

New Pet of Darkness:
        The Krakomin will be available as a new powerful Pet of Darkness.

New Hair Outfit:
        A new stylish hair outfif will be available at the Marketplace.

Beta Test
        Sounds interesting? Then stay alert for the upcoming announcement on beta testing. Beta test will be available only on PC

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