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Here is the Second teaser of "Autumn Update 2017":

        First Teaser

Prey System:
        Choose your favourite hunting prey and get special bonuses when hunting these monsters!

Phoenix Event:
        Participate in the new weekly phoenix event and perhaps you can acquire one of the rare legendary Phoenix pets.

New Outfits:
        Tired of your old outfits? Then look forward to the new Rogue and Necromancer outfits.

New Colour Sets:
        You want some new colours to make your character unique? Then you will like the 8 new colour sets!

More information!
        You like what I told you and want to know more? Then wait for more information coming next Week.

        Second Teaser

Prey System:
        With this update TibiaME gets a new feature, the Prey System!
        Once a day, you can choose your favourite prey from a list of 9 different monsters and get a special bonus for the next two hours hunting it.
        There will be up to 3 prey slots available that can be set with different monsters. Should your favourite monster not be available in your list, no problem, just reroll the list for a little gold. The possible bonuses hunting a selected prey include different Gold and EP boosts, as well as doing additional damage to or receiving reduced damage from the prey. If you are lucky you might even get some of the rare bonus sets.

Phoenix Event:
        Every week a Phoenix will rise somewhere on the world of Tibia. Scouts and Hunters will gather to claim it as their price. Will you beat them in the hunt and win the rare price, a phoenix feather?
        With the feather you can open a rift that appears once a week on one of the islands and allows you to reach the nesting place of the Phoenix. Will you be fast and skilful enough to acquire the ingredients necessary to restore a phoenix egg?
        But what to do with the egg? There is someone who can help you... but you have to prove your worthiness to him! Only then will you get the rare and legendary Phoenix pet!

New Outfits:
        Finally we bring you some new high class outfits to individualise your character.

        All warriors can show their style and get the new rogue outfit:

        While the wizards can make a powerful statement with the new necromancer robes:

New Colour Sets:
        We will also bring you 8 new colour set to allow you to make your characters even more unique. You will really be able to stand out in the crowd when using these great new colours:

New Clients:
        There will also be a release of new Android, iOS and Web clients. These new clients contain various bugfixes and the necessary adjustments for the new prey system feature.

New Gameworld:
        As requested by many players, we will also start a new gameworld with the release of the update. On this world everybody has the chance to start anew and leave its mark on the world and in the highscores.

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