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Character development
Journey's Beginning1pts
   You reached level 2! That's just the beginning, but still an achievement. There's so much more for you to discover!
Little Big Hero1pts
   You've reached Level 10! From here on, leveling will get hard and harder, but you made an excellent start. Keep going and don't forget to have fun!
Midlife Crisis2pts
   You've reached Level 50! Congratulations for making such huge progress. And don't worry, you're not old yet!
Child of the 80s3pts
   You've reached Level 80! Impressive! You're on the best way to become a great hero. This is a good time to face new challenges and discover dungeons you haven't been to yet.
   Wow! It's your Level-100-Anniversary! You're really great hero now. Bet most monsters really fear you now, but there are still a few that need to be shown who's boss. Go for it!
True-Blue Hero5pts
   You've reached Level 125. Incredible! If you've come this far, going further is just a question of time and dedication. Boldly go where no one has never gone before!
Really Big Fish7pts
   You've reached Level 150! Who would've thought you would grow that big when you got washed ashore a long time ago? Take some time to share some of your special memories and celebrate today.
LegendSecret  10pts
   You've reached Level 200 and with that status of a legend. Even the gods whisper your name today. You can be proud of yourself and what you've achieved. Everyone stands in awe!
Mine All Mine1pts
   Your depot is definitely filled to the rim. You seem to be a crazy collector of things. But don't let any food rot in there!
Survival Horror1pts
   You made 5 levels without dying even once. Keep going on like that and safe yourself a lot of frustation!
VIP Pass5pts
   Welcome to the fabulous world of Premium characters with nearly unlimited possibilities. Travel wherever you want, talk to whomever you need to and enjoy your new celebrity status.

Explorer Stars
Hunting Trails1pts
   You used all portals on Hunterra to reach the different hunting grounds. You really know your hunting trails.
Portable TreasureSecret  1pts
   You have visited all portals on Treasure Island. Even the one that is somehow unnecessary.
Lost and Found1pts
   You discovered and used every portal on Gorgoros. While doing so you found places long lost and forgotten... now you know why.
Dune Jumper2pts
   You discovered all portals on the desert island Solahmar.
Liberal Discoverer2pts
   You discovered all portals on Lybera.
Short Cutter2pts
   You discovered all portals on the shielded island of Doratia.
   You discovered all portals on Riftion and used them all to travel all over the island. Well done, wayfarer!
Demonic Transcendant3pts
   You used every portal on and in the Erebos vulcano. These brought you to the places where no man has ever gone before... or ever would want to go.
Golden Mapper3pts
   You discovered all portals on the ancient island of Aurea.
Ice Climber3pts
   You discovered all portals on the snow-covered island St.Nivalis.
Imperative Portality3pts
   You have been at every portal in Yabutu. That means, you know the island better than... erm... people who haven't been at every portal in Yabutu.
   You unlocked all portals on the swampy ghost island Ashmor.
Hans in Luck4pts
   You discovered all portals on the fairy tale island Fabulara.
Vine Swinger4pts
   You discovered all portals on the jungle island Banuna.

Kill type
Bug Squisher1pts
   You squished 20 bugs! Poor little critters.
Counting Sheep1pts
   You've killed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 100 evil sheeps. Yaawn.
Crocodile Tears1pts
   You've defeated 200 crocodiles. A bunch of rich ladies got nice new handbags.
Hornet Menace1pts
   You smoked out 50 hornets.
Big Game HunterSecret  1pts
   By killing 1000 Redeath, 1000 Gigantula and 1000 Crustea You achieved the rank of Big Game Hunter of the Hunting Society.
Little RascalSecret  1pts
   You've killed 500 squirrels. Not that they really posed a threat, but... are you after their nuts?
Rebel with a CauseSecret  1pts
   You must've understood something wrong. You. Are. Not. Supposed. To. Kill. Furballs. They don't exactly give a whole lot experience, so why do you bother? There must be a deeper meaning behind all of this
Small Game HunterSecret  1pts
   By killing 1000 Redeath and 1000 Gigantula You achieved the rank of Small Game Hunter of the Hunting Society.
Young BoarSecret  1pts
   You killed 1000 Redeath on Hunterra and acheived the rank of young boar in the Hunting Society.
Ding Dong2pts
   The witch is dead! Actually, you've wiped 200 normal witches, 50 white witches and 10 red witches. And probably ate a lot of gingerbread on the way.
   You defeated 300 normal ghosts, 150 white ghosts and 80 red ghosts! Guess you don't need to call anyone anymore to help you with that job.
Green and Mean2pts
   You've defeated 350 goblins. They probably wouldn't welcome you with cookies and tea anymore.
Here Kitty Kitty!2pts
   You defeated 200 normal sabrecats, 100 white sabrecats and 50 red sabrecats. Meow.
Path to extinctionSecret  2pts
   Killed 333 Saurials
SlaughterhouseSecret  2pts
   Killed 333 Bullwars
Stem the Tide2pts
   Congratulations! Killing 300 Tyrannix, 200 Ninjana, 100 Protacelas and 66 Krakomin is an amazing feat and will really stem the tide on Riftion.
   You've defeated 500 normal cyclopes, 200 white cyclopes and 100 red cyclopes. Bonus task: calculate how many toes, eyes and hands they had!
   You removed 666 Krakomin from our world and sent them back to where they came from. That should teach the others that they are not welcome here.
Vermin ExterminatorSecret  3pts
   You've exterminated 100 bugs, 150 hornets, 100 snakes and 200 spiders! Can you be hired?
Bird Terror4pts
   You killed and plucked 888 Terrorbirds. Not exactly what they'd call an ornithologist, but you probably had your reason.
Monkey Business4pts
   You terminated 600 normal skonkeys, 400 white skonkeys and 200 red skonkeys. Softly softly catchee monkey.
Wood Chopper4pts
   You defeated 750 Treants. That wood should last for about 437 winters. You're safe!
ExorcistSecret  4pts
   You defeated 1000 normal ghosts, 500 white-skulled restless and 300 red-skulled tormented! What an excellent day.
Sneaking Death5pts
   You sneaked up to 500 Ninjanas and killed them before they could even touch you.
   You've killed the astonishing number of 2000 Will-o'-5isps. Swamps are a lot safer now thanks to you.
Fight Fire with Fire7pts
   You extinguished the fire of countless dragons. Well, not countless. In detail that is 1000 normal dragons, 1000 white dragons and 1000 red dragons. Consider bathing in their blood. Or swimming.
Master of ShadowsSecret  10pts
   You don't fear Ninjanas, they fear you. With incredible stealth mastery and quickness you've managed to backstab 1000 of them.

Big SpenderSecret  1pts
   You actually paid 15,000 gold for a pumpkin? You're either insane or simply very generous. Let's hope for the latter.

Casual ConversationsSecret  1pts
   You have had a deep conversation about the weather, differing bone qualities, Pootle the poodle girl and the rumour of an upcoming feline invasion with Timmy, the dog. Timmy THE DOG!
Demonic GardenerSecret  1pts
   I have watered the Oak of Life and it blossomed. In a dungeon. Deep down below the surface. Engulfed by ghosts. With a demon bashing around upstairs. If that is not worth an achievement, I don't know what else. Oh I made the demon disappear.

Eternal FriendshipSecret  1pts
   Ferlori the ghost has taught me that friendship can really be endless. Endless in the sense of even in the afterlife. And in the after-afterlife. He also taught me that there is an after-afterlife. Creepy, but beautiful.

I Shot the SheriffSecret  1pts
   What it says. You shot the Sheriff. Or rather, clubbed him to death. Or maybe it was a sword? Or some really wicked magic? Anyway, he has fallen!

Reunion in HappineshSecret  1pts
   You met a happy lishard near ashmor that sheemsh strangely familiar.
One of the ThreeSecret  3pts
   You found Trua's letter, solved Ridley's riddle and looked death in the eye many times just to find out that she didn't really need your help. But you completed Season 2 and may call yourself "One Of The Three Adventureous But Inaccurately Numbered Four"!

Lifter of Curses5pts
   You have cleansed Pyramus' heart and brought a happy ending to the dramatic love story on Ashmor. Pyramus and Thisba can be together as ghosts and live happily ever after. Yes, even though they both already died.

Private Shore OwnerSecret  1pts
   That's quite a secluded pretty little beach you found there. How charming.

Stand-up ComedianSecret  1pts
   Bwahahahaha! A ventriloquist! That was a good one. You should seriously consider a career in comedy business.

Flower PowerSecret  1pts
   Used the power of flowers to improve the ambience of Banuna Beach.

Heart for PetsSecret  1pts
   You risked your life and your health to bring back the pet of another one. You really have a heart for pets.

Spiritual HealerSecret  1pts
   You cleansed the three altars in the eastern jungle of Banuna and appeased the ancestral spirits of the natives. That's what You might call spiritual healing.

Spirit WhispererSecret  1pts
   You solved the problems of the great spirits of the past, the present and the future. Now they are more at ease with their existence. From now on you should be called spirit whisperer.

Magic CleanerSecret  1pts
   You removed the taint from the three nodles of magic power under Banuna. Now the flows of magic on this island is unsullied again.

CreatorSecret  2pts
   You really did it! By using the right combination of creativity, wisdom and imagination, you created no monster but a real creature. What a great feat! And what a great responsibility!

CodebreakerSecret  2pts
   You solved the riddle and broke the access code for the chamber of creations. Not a small fear, codebreaker.

Standard BearerSecret  3pts
   You braved countless dangers and solved challenging riddles on your way through the jungles and ruins of Banuna. No treachery or deceit could stop you from recovering the banner of the three for Aurea. Well done, standard bearer!

King of the JungleSecret  3pts
   You really know your way around the jungle now. You've played a vital role in strange rituals (voodoo and non-voodoo), saved a princess and made the unhappy happy. And you finished Season 5. Time to celebrate!

   You dared venture deep into the jungle of Banuna, braved countless death traps and found golden banuna. Whomever you delivered it to will probably make good use of it. Well, hopefully.

Castle Rock
By the BookSecret  1pts
   Acquired the access pass to get into the Fabulara library. That's playing it by the book.
Free-RiderSecret  1pts
   You got the annual pass for the dwarven underground railway. No surfing on the wagons, please!

SneakySecret  1pts
   Got a disguise and used it to enter the library. A really sneaky approach to get around the closure of the Fabulara library.
Talented TrumpeterSecret  1pts
   You're real genius at playing the dwarven trumpet. Though waking up a sleeping girl might not be a sign of great quality, but your lipping rocked!

TraditionalistSecret  1pts
   You used the secret entrance to get around the closure of Fabulara library. As of course every building has one of these... that's so traditional!
Poisonous MatchmakerSecret  3pts
   You tricked the great dwarwizard Malordy into eating a poisoned apple and falling asleep, returned Hogarf's hammer to him and made himremember his wife Ulla. You also helped out Storkbirr - somehow. At least you finished Season 4! Yay!

MelticulousSecret  5pts
   You used all possible ways to get around the closureof the Fabulara library. That's quite melticulous.
Tale Fairy5pts
   You've successfuly rewritten the fairy tales of Soluschka, Grensel and Herta, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White and found a better ending for each of them. What would Fabulara's fairy tale contest be without you?

   You have challenged all Raider clans on Solahmar. Across the desert you are now feared and known as the Challenger!

All for SaleSecret  1pts
   You bought the prince of Aurea back from the slavers for the insanely high price. You always knew that money rules the world and with it you can buy everything.

Brute ForceSecret  1pts
   You fought your way through guards and slavers to rescue the prince of Aurea. In your opinion there is only one way to solve a problem, brute force.

Freedom FighterSecret  1pts
   You rescued all the slaves at the Solahmar slave market and did not ignore their pleas. You really are a freedom fighter.

Herald of DarknessSecret  1pts
   You helped Henry with the translation of the mysterious parchment and summoned the Army Of Darkness along the way. Uhm, Not sure if it was planned that way, but you probably still deserve a pat on your shoulder.

HistorianSecret  1pts
   You seached every tomb for scraps of information on Solahmar's history and brought them back to light to be published in a book. The deed of a true historian.

Master of LabyrinthsSecret  1pts
   You made your way through the labyrinths on Solahmar! Congratulations.

Nice and ShinySecret  1pts
   You created all sorts of crystals with the crystalizer. You really have a fascination for these shiny little things.

Master MindSecret  1pts
   Flawlessly solved the riddle of the Sphinx. What a mastery of mind!

Not Smart but HardSecret  1pts
   Why wrack your brain when you can crack some skulls? You are the living proof that problems can also be solved with strength and hardiness.

Problem SolverSecret  1pts
   You might not be the smartest person in this world but who cares! You solved the riddle after a hard fight. Your assertiveness makes you a real problem solver.

Royal DefenderSecret  1pts
   You did everything necessary to bring the rightful heir back to Aurea. You are hereby rewarded the title Royal Defender.

Protector of LifeSecret  1pts
   You banished the Queen for good. No longer will she leech the life from the lands.

Tomb RaiderSecret  1pts
   You have raided the tombs of the old magic academy, Dr. Jones. Now take you hat and go!

Trip the TrapperSecret  1pts
   You learned your trap disarm basics! And wthout losing one or more of your limbs! Astounding!

Ancient Mages HeroSecret  1pts
   You gave the grimoire to the ancient mages. This will bring them close to creating a shield and protecting our world from the demon. All of the ancient mages know you now and celebrate you as their hero.

Brotherhood HeroSecret  1pts
   You gave the grimoire to the secret brotherhood. This will bring them closer to summon the demon into this world and destroy it for good. All of the brotherhood know you now and celebrate you as their hero.

Unsung HeroSecret  1pts
   You destroyed the grimoire and the knowledge within and so protected the people from a grave danger. But nobody will ever know or thank you for it.

Solahmar Isles
Starrfish Island
Pirrate Masterr1pts
   You have completed Season 8 on Starrfish Island: Congrrrratulationsm Pirrrate Masterrrr!

Visions of Soup1pts
   You have killed the cook in Nurla's Vision. There won't be any more hot soup in your dreams anymore. How can this be seen psychologically?

Wake Up Dead1pts
   You have woken up Lobrallo. And killed him the next minute! My, he must be mad!

The X-FlavourSecret  1pts
   I've brewn delicious flavour fluid in Nada Cambur's town toilet and flavoured the pirates' woot beer stocks with it. Slightly bitter, with a hint of vinegar and pineapple. Mmmmm.

WootaholicSecret  2pts
   You are a real wootaholic. Don't let your professional woot beer drinking attitude cloud your judgements about life in general. And politics.
Finders KeepersSecret  3pts
   You know what you want and that's mostly hard cash. Why should you share your wealth with anyone? You've discovered the biggest treasure man has ever seen - and it's all yours now! Imagine the things you can buy with that!

Heart of GoldSecret  3pts
   Re-spect! You have given 21973 Gold to the former Mayor of Kevarik, now known as Shoey Bay. Now he can drive off the pirates and bring back normal life. You truly have a heart of gold!

   You have on the drinking and dancing contest 4 times in a row. That makes you number one out of... 4 contestants. Epic hoedown going on here!
   You have wobbled your feet 42 times in a row. This is so improbable that in a parallel universe, by a chance of 1 to the potency of 98909834778589E-2 you will burp up a marching band made of cauliflower next tuesday.
   You have wobbled your wiggly feet for a whooping 100 times. That makes you a very avid dancer! Mr. and Mrs. Wobbly would be proud. Now go and save up for an artificial hip!

St. Nivalis
Treasure Island
Bosses Aurea
Bosses Ashmor
Bosses Doratia
Bosses Ephialtis
Bosses Erebos
Bosses Gorgoros
Bosses Riftion
Bosses Vargos
Birthday event
Balinor Basher1pts
   You bashed Balinor 10 times. You really don't like him, do You?
Isolans Demise1pts
   Ten times you were Isolans downfall. That's why you are now called Isolan's demise.
Judge of Judigator1pts
   Judigator had to accept your sentence 10 times in a row. You truly are the Judge of Judigator.
Contender of Gods1pts
   Ten times you challenged the gods of TibiaME and prevailed. That earned you the title Contender of Gods.
Doom of Karvar1pts
   More than 10 times you stepped into Karvars arena and won. You really are Karvars doom.
Ruin of Testor1pts
   Ten times you found Testors weak spot and made him fall. You are the Ruin of testor.
Lyxophs Bane1pts
   You bested Lyxoph on his own ship 10 times. From now on you are called Lyxophs Bane.
Tannins Terror1pts
   You went into the jungle to face Tannin. Ten times you killed him and filled his heart with terror.
Curse of Magos1pts
   You exterminated Magos, Skathari and their bugs again and again. After ten successful exterminations you are now called the Curse of Magos.
Scourge of GMs2pts
   Again and again you sought out the GMs and bested each of them in battle more than 10 times. You are the Scourge of GMs now.
GM Hunter2pts
   You travelled all over the world to hunt down the GMs and killed each of them at least once. That's why they call you a GM hunter.
GMs Nightmare5pts
   They cannot run, they cannot hide. You killed each Gm more than 100 times. Now they wake up screaming your name. You really are the GMs nightmare.

Island Games Event
Carnival Event
Dragon Rutting Event
Summerfeast Event
Warden of the Feast1pts
   You really did a good job. Without your help there would have been no Summerfeast. Now everyone honours you as the Warden of the Feast.

Preparation FrenzySecret  1pts
   Oh my goddess! You single-handedly delivered 100 Summerfeast offerings during a preparation. You must have worked yourself into a preparation frenzy.

Bane of the SwarmsSecret  1pts
   You killed 33 locuqueens an equal number of swarm attacks. Impressive! You could have defended the harvest all by yourself. That's why they call You the Bane of the Swarms.
PestbusterSecret  1pts
   You really defeated a swarm on each farm and killed their queen. Everybody now knows tho they're gonna call if their is a swarm on their farm... the Pestbuster!
Local First!Secret  1pts
   You bestowed Sunnas blessing on all six farms on Aurea. That's the real local first spirit.

Spread the Spirit!Secret  1pts
   You bestowed Sunnas blessing on every island with a farm. That's really spreading the Summerfeast spirit.

Captain ObviousSecret  1pts
   You colleted evidence and jumped on the obvious. Well, sometimes the obvious conclusions can lead to the desired results. Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Deductive MindSecret  1pts
   You evaluated the clues, eliminated the impossible and chose the improbable. You have a deductive mind. Or did you just guess?

Fine InvestigatorSecret  1pts
   You investigated the whole site of the crime and did not rest before you found all the relevant clues. That's the trait of a fine investigator.

Soul of the FeastSecret  1pts
   You collected 100 pieces of soulwood to keep the summerfeast fire burning. A great feat. This clearly shows you are the Soul of the Feast.

Tree ReaperSecret  1pts
   You killed a good number Anitrees all over the world to get their soulwood for the summerfeast. This makes you the Tree Reaper

Real DedicationSecret  2pts
   You scored all the islands and collected a sample of each of the Summerfeast offerings. That's real dedication.

Darkmoons Event
Winterfeast Event
War beneath Aurea

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