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Ashmor quests
Story Line
 Mission: Ashmor
 A trip to Ashmor
 Need a duct tape?
 Ghost Busting Item!
 Find the Origin
 I see dead people Item!
 Acolyte Wannabe
 The Audience Item!
 Breaking the Curse Item!
 The Reunion
 Study Time Item!
 Thin out the Rows!
 Sealing the Portals Item!
Normal Quests
 Long distance Run
 Infestation Ines
 Girl Who Cried Wolf
 Through Rain+Storm Achievement+Item!
 The Riddle
 First Clue
 Second Clue
 Third Clue
 Fourth Clue
 A Clean Heart Achievement+Item!
 Ghostly Apparitions
 Sleepless in Ashmor
 Morighan's Pumpkin Achievement!
 The Shimmelrider
 Friends Forever Achievement!
 Ultra Wakey
 The Vroom Broom
 Weather for Heather
 The Spiritects
 Carl Castle Cleaner
 I see You! Achievement!
 Seelman's Map
 The invisible Witch Invisibility Spell!
 I shot the Sheriff Achievement+Item!
70lvl+ Quests
 Something Mighty
 Made in Hell
 Soul Collector
 A Demon's Soul
 Forging the Void
 The Evil Castle
 The Dark Arvil
 Stars for Breakfast

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