Teya Salat

Ashmor Quests
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Reward: 2.054
For Warriors:
For Wizards:
Achievement:  One of the Three

Speak with Gerhard in Ashmor above potion store

Take from these chests near Gerhard

Speak with Ridley near Ashmor Demon Ptl. Portal

Finish his quest: The Riddle

Speak with Ridley again, he will teleport You in small island
From here now, You need friend to go any further. Your friend can be doing same quest and be teleported there too, but if he had done the quest already he can enter same island from here

Enter the house and push this button

Push buttons like that now

Now friend pushes this button, You go via this open bridge

Now You push the button, friend goes via bridge

In this room Your friend psuh this button and You go further

Like that

Like that

Like that

Now You push the button and your friend enters

Now step on these buttons together

Now enter the places You find

Find dungeon, if You step wrong You get fire damage and can die, follow this road to not get damage

Find and speak with Greezoo and enter portal above him

Find these buttons and enter on them like that

Find and speak with Trua

Ask Trua teleport You to Ashmor, and speak with Davees to finish the quest

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Ashmor Quests

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