Old school Swatch Watches

Aurea quests
Story Line
 Sontus Revisited Item!
 Two Neighbours
 Ancient Mages Achievement!
 Secret Brotherhood Achievement!
 Under The Dunes Achievement!
 A New Path
Normal Quests
 Vanity Fair Achievement!
 Good yield of Wheat
 Food for the Troops
 Bewarehouse! Item!
 The monster breeder
 Those little things
 Da Weapon
 Good Night Orc Achievement!
 Orc Attack! Not!
 The Mad Wizard
 No More Wood
 A Problem of Mine
 Bill of Rights
 Syorta Ore
 Flotsam & Jetsam
 Taming my first Pet
 Spirit Catcher
 Ice Bears
 Rise of the Phoenix Achievement!
The fall of Carneiro
 The Masquerade
 Unmasked Achievement!
Dragon Rutting
 Taming a Drakewhelp
 Taming a Dragon
 Taming an Ice Dragon
 Taming a Long
 Taming a Blackdrake
Island Games
 Island Games, How to.
 Feast Preparation Achievement!
 The Mirror of Suna
 Blessed Fields Achievement!
 Light of Truth Achievement!
 Enlightenment Achievement!
 Burning Fire (other quest) Achievement!
 Follow the Trace
 The dancing Dagger
 A dodgy Cooperation
 Fortune Teller
 The love Potion
 Time for Seduction
 How a thief stole... Achievement!
 Festival Decoration
 Tooth Fairy
Aurea War
 A War Beneath Achievement+Spell!
 Bullwar Combatant
 Saurial Combatant
 Bullwar Force
 Saurial Force
 Bullwar Kidnap
 Saurial Kidnap

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