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Aurea Quests
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Reward: 520
Achievement:  Local First! or Spread the Spirit!

You can get either Local First! achievement or Spread the Spirit! achievement!

Speak with Sunkiest at Aurea city

For Local First! achievement do this:

Find the farm with and near empty fire place use

After You used Sunnas fire wait 12s and use

Find 5 more farms and do the same

For Spread the Spirit! achievement do this:

Bless farm in Ashmor: Ashmor Farm Portal OR Ashmor Castle Portal

Bless farm in Yabutu: Master Village Portal

Bless farm in Solahmar: Oasis Portal

Bless farm in Starrfish Island: Go Right from harbor

Bless 2 random farms in Aurea!

Come back to Sunkiest to finish the quest

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Aurea Quests

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