Old school Easter eggs.

Banuna quests
Story Line
 Expedition Lost Item!
 Eyes on Grog
 Home Improvement Achievement!
 Beach Patrol
 Petless Achievement!
 Stomach Rumbles
 Fresh Air
 Freedom of the Ape
 Jungle Camp
 Goddess Judgement
 Jungle Calming Achievement!
 Goddesses Temple
 First Steps
 Creators Temple
 Golden Banana Achievement+Item!
 Creationism Achievement!
 The Swampwitch
 Quid pro Quo Item!
 Spirit World
 Ghost of the Then
 Ghost of the Now
 Ghost of the Next Achievement!
 Two-Faced Temple
 Flowing Energies Achievement!
 Ritualus Interruptus
 Chamber of Creation Achievement+Item!
 A Banner for Aurea Achievement+Item!
Normal Quests
 Dangerous Numbers
 The Missing Princess Achievement+Item!
 Best Joke Ever Item!
 The Initiation
70lvl+ Quests
 Forgotten Temple

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