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Banuna Quests
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Reward: 7.180
Achievement:  Creator

Video Quest Guide

Speak with Hurtz/Kurtz depending whom You gave Golden Banana

If You spoke with Kurtz enter cave near him and use Mineurette here

Use Golden Banana here

FIRST You have to find this Fire place

Now step on red carpets I marked, and leave only one Fire burning

And finally step here, right from fires

SECOND You have to find this Water place and step on this carpet 3 times!

Now step on this red carpet 1 time!

And finally step here

THIRD take Rake from here

Now make snow like that with Rake and step only on these 2 carpets!

And finally step here to open the bridge

If You did everything like I said You will find Creation speak with him

Now go down to open other bridge

Use Cryptex here

Speak to Kurtz to finish the quest

Banuna storyline Part 2 (Paraaas W20)

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Banuna Quests

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