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Erebos Quests
Reward: Opens Behemoth/Ceberus/Hell Guard caves & Biestig

Video explanation
  • Erebos has 5floors in total. Ground floor is always open. To go ground->1 You need to open barrier, 1->2 floor another barrier... Till You reach 5th floor with Behemoth/Ceberus/Hell Guard caves & Biestig.
  • In order to open ONE barrier You need 30x , so in total 150x to open all 5!
  • This is World quest, so it means if You put 1x and your friend puts 1x into one barrier, You have 28x left for opening that barrier.
Example where to use
Are barriers closed, maybe not? Check that in game menu:
Quest Log-> Worldquest Log-> Erebos-> Reconquest

To open barrier You need but how to get it? For this You will need 4 items:

Bag of Merging
Ask NPC Jericho to give it to you (lasts 3x uses)

Hell Crystal
Kill and collect they drop

Black blood ore
First of all find stone and kill near it. Then stone will get cracked, now You need to kill near cracked stone. After killing fire will burn the stone and will drop near it

Tempered Erewood
First of all find Hay Stack and kill near it.
After killing fire will burn, destroy Hay and will drop near it

After You get all 4 items in your inventory, push on to merge them to

After You or any one from Your world opens barrier, he (the last opened barrier) will stay open only for 24hours! You can put requested amount of in Basin at a floor You trying to keep open. Or wait till that floor closes and open it again with 30

Now that You opened all floors You can enter this cave

  • In this cave You can find Behemoth/Ceberus/Hell Guard caves & Biestig.
  • In order to open ANY of the caves, You need , ask Jericho to get it
  • You need 10x to charge fully. After charging it give it to Gatekeeper of your choice and he will open his cave for You, for 72h
Example of the Gatekeeper, Cerberus Cave

Anf finally in any of the Gatekeeper cave You can find entrance to Biestig

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Erebos Quests

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