Duck hunt

Solahmar Quests
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Reward: 15.720
For Warriors:
For Wizards:
Achievement:  Nice and Shiny

Speak with Marol

Follow the directions enter the cave. In the deepest cave search for Gold, Iron and Copper Ores

Then put 2x here

1x here

And 1x here

Then push this button to get

You need to get 3x !!

After You got 3x take here

Now take here

And finally here

Now Use here to fix machine

After Fixing machine take Axe here

Use Axe to Break Boxes and Collect: 1x 1x and 2x

Use them on the machine here

Achievement: Nice and Shiny
To get this Ahievement, You have to create these items
: Use -> -> ->
: Use -> -> ->
: Use -> -> ->
: Use -> -> ->

To Create these items, use them on machine here

You will get , now go take here

Now use items here like that here
-> -> -> -> -> ->

Come back to Marol to finish the quest.

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Solahmar Quests

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