Yabutu quests
Story Line
 Mission: Yabutu
 A trip to the East
 Taro's Knife
 Dear Rebel
 Ghost Detection
 Rebel's best Friend Item!
 The Rebel hideout
 The Blueprint
 Like the Smoke
 Fighting the Source
 Burning Distraction
 Prison Break Item!
 Until we meet again
 Ninja Apprentice
 Statue of Brrlala
 The Kata Master
 23 steps of Kata Item!
 Finding Nepo
 The damn Dam
 Sempai Undercover Item!
 Search the Backdoor
 The Seeds
 Castle of Dragons
 Meet the Emperor
 Free Taro
 Minister Hinshun Achievement+Item!
Normal Quests
 Baked Flies
 The Noodleman
 Noodles for Sassai
 Noodles for Deisana
 Noodles for Lapuda
 Noodles for Shodan
 Noodles for Heiani
 Noodles for Panaku
 Shine, Shrine!
 Garbage Collection
 Nuknuk's Respiration
 Jungle Bells Achievement+Item!
 Fifty Longs later
 Temple of Dance
 Rice Shortage
 Swords are Sharp
 Tiharakatana! Item!
 Light Hearted
 Heart of Darkness
 Cookie Time

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