Polly po-cket
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 Price: 490  Stars to collect: 106   Quests to do: 6+ 

Erebos Blacksmith:
To use Wielands' smithing do: Arena of Flesh quest!

   Wieland can upgrade 79lvl armours: heads, torsos, legs and shields. All upgrades lasts 30.000 uses! He can also craft any 119lvl weapon, which is forever!

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Erebos city stores:
Spell Binder
Trade House

IconName & StatsPrice
Great healt potion: 800 760
Major health potion: 1000 1050
Fine health potion: 1250 1400
Divine health potion: 1500 1800
Great mana potion: 750 570
Major mana potion: 900 750
Fine mana potion: 1050 960
Divine mana potion: 1200 1200
Pet cure sealed550
Pet elixir sealed1100
Excellent feed250
Spell Book15
Spell Book15

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