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 Price: 390  Stars to collect: 20   Quests to do: 0 

    Vargos is small island with mountains in the middle. On the top of the island there's no monsters. But to be in the top of the island You have to come there from the deepest ground of it. Coming to Vargos You need to be atleast 48lvl and speak to Feman at Aurea. Vargos is bassically underground fortress, You need to climb to the top and defeat 4 boss monsters while doing that. After You finish killing all bosses, You reach top and can use Harbor, from now on You can reach Vargos by ship. Here You can hunt monsters like: Tyraclops, Gazers and Abyssons. Also people come here to fight these bosses again to gain jewels of experience. Vargos is a good island to hunt for exp, so come there and grind till satisfied!

Some Screenshots of Vargos


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