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 Price: Free for all!  Stars to collect: 0   Quests to do: 0 

    Colossea is an island in which You can find 3 arenas, to test your skills VS other players. Arenas can be filled only with 2 peoples, so fights will be fair and square as You PVP 1VS1! These arenas has time limits and death penalty. Players without PVP experience can use the training arena to improve your pvp skills without the danger of loosing anything. Colossea is home to the tournament area, which is also is no-penalty-pvp-zone. For a small fee of platinum you can enter a hunting tournament, these tournaments occurs from time to time. The best 5 hunters of the tournament will be rewarded with prices of platinum and they can talk to the npc Rewardio and choose one of the reward items he offers, ranks 6 to 20 will not receive any platinum reward, but they also may ask the npc Rewardio for a reward. You can check your score in highscores section of the game.

Some Screenshots of Colossea


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