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 Price: 590  Stars to collect: 89   Quests to do: 2+ 

    The most dangerous island in the game. It is a first island which is PVE and PVP zone too! PVP turns on from time to time, at these times players can fight not only monsters but other players too. In this island You can find the hardest monsters in TibiaME. On some areas monsters even fight each other, to show the dominance! In Ephialtis You can find monsters like: Chaletons, Vampelders, Chaodrakes, Demons and even Archdemons! This is also the home of the hardest boss Mutabor! Island itself has various landscapes, from cemetery to the green lands to fire burned areas! If You are adventurer and want a real challenge come to Ephialtis, but don't be mad when You find yourself dead!

Some Screenshots of Ephialtis


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