The Soda Pop
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 Price: 390  Stars to collect: 40   Quests to do: 13+ 

    The island with pure PVP-PVE style. PVP in this island is turned on for good, but friendly-fire is off, You can hunt with your guild in peace and that way defend from other players. EXP loss varies in this island, after each server save EXP loss will be set randomly from 0% to 2%. But don't forget furious monsters! In Riftion You can find monsters like: Tyrannixs, Protacelas or Krakomins! This is also the home of the boss Ten'ta'cul! Riftion needs your help to deal with these evil creatures. If You want to get 129lvl weapon or 99lvl spell go and explore Riftion island right now!

Some Screenshots of Riftion

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